Faversham Umbrella
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The Café

The Welcome Café

Our welcome café is a place you can come with others or alone. There is always a friendly face to have a chat with or someone who can let you know about the activities being held at Faversham Umbrella. You can purchase a reasonably priced meal and sample our cooks delicious homemade cakes. If you are struggling for money please talk to one of our staff who will be able to support you with a hot meal (all handled in a discreet manner) or email us on info@favershamumbrella.org

A great place to come along for a bit of friendly company and conversation. Lots of things to do. Can have a good meal and a cup of tea. For me it is so important to be able to see other people. I don't see anyone day to day so being able to get out and communicate with others is life changing for me.